The core inlet flow rates and exit pressure distributions of an APR+ (Advanced Power Reactor Plus) reactor were evaluated experimentally in this study. The tests were performed in the ACOP (APR+ Core Flow & Pressure) test facility constructed with a linear reduced scale of 1/5 referring to the prototype plant. The major flow path inside the reactor vessel was designed with a preservation of a geometrically similar flow without hindering the dynamic similarity. The 257 core simulators with 771 pressure impulse lines were installed in the ACOP facility to measure the hydraulic characteristics at the inlet and outlet of the fuel assemblies. The pressure distributions along the major flow path were obtained by measuring the static pressure and differential pressures at 584 points. The hydraulic characteristics of the reactor flow under an unbalanced cold leg flow condition were investigated by using an ensemble averaging process of 5 independent tests. The details of these experiments and a data analysis were described in this paper.

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