An enhanced approach for the design of low-noise high-endurance spiral bevel gear drives is presented. The contents of the paper cover the design, manufacture, stress analysis, and evaluation of prototypes of spiral bevel gear drives. The proposed approach is based on the simultaneous application of both methods the local synthesis and tooth contact analysis (TCA) for design of gear drives, application of stress analysis for investigation of formation of the bearing contact and validation of optimal design, and application of blades of different pro les (straight, parabolic, or top-rem) to avoid areas of severe contact stresses. The main goals are the improvement of the bearing contact, the achievement of a favorable shape of the function of transmission errors, reduction of the magnitude of transmission errors as the precondition of reduction of noise and vibration, and avoidance of areas of severe contact stresses for the increase of the endurance of the gear drive. The proposed ideas have been tested by the manufacturing of prototypes of spiral bevel gear drives. An example of design and optimization of a spiral bevel gear drive is represented.

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