Many researchers and gear designers are applying their own methods to obtain appropriate machine-tool settings for each case of design, according to their own experience, manufacturing machines and type of generating process. In this paper, the analytical determination of basic machine-tool settings for generation of spiral bevel gears from blank data is proposed. Determination of gear machine-tool settings is carried out through an analytical procedure that will allow to obtain identities between gear machine-tool settings and blank data of the spiral bevel gear drive. In this work, the face-milling generation process has been considered. The blank data that have been considered are: number of teeth of the pinion and the gear, module, spiral and pressure angles, face width, shaft angle, depth factor, clearance factor, and mean addendum factor. These basic starting data are known or can be established following the directions of the Standard ANSI/AGMA 2005-D03. Once the basic gear machine-tool settings are determined, the existing approach of local synthesis is applied to determine the pinion machine-tool settings that provide the desired conditions of meshing and contact of the gear drive. The developed theory is illustrated with numerical examples.

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