Over the past decade there has been a significant increase the demand of hard disk drives (HDD) for the mobile platforms. In such applications, a mobile HDD is often subjected to harsh working environment. For example, components like DVD drive and built-in speakers present in a laptop can excite its HDD and hence can degrade its read/write (R/W) performance. In this study, we develope a complete model for a mobile HDD to analyze and characterize its vibration performance due to external disturbances. The current model includes a spinning disk, a fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) based spindle motor, a base plate, an actuator assembly (E-block and suspension) and a detailed model for the air bearing slider. Prediction of slider dynamics during an excitation essentially requires the solution of coupled fluid-structure problem in which head gimbal assembly (HGA) is coupled with the disk-support system through the air bearing. Off-track displacement of the slider is used to quantify the vibration performance of the HDD for excitation of different frequencies and orientations. It is observed that during an excitation, the sway modes of the actuator assembly provide the most significant contribution to the off-track vibration. This knowledge about the vibration characteristics of mobile drive can be used to design better a vibration isolation system for mounting a HDD in a laptop.

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