It would be a good choice to use the bidirectional tidal current runner, during the tide rises or ebbs. And how to improve its performance in both positive and reverse condition has become a seeking aim for designers. The shape of airfoil has important influence on the dynamic performance of the blade. Many researchers have proved that to choose the suitable airfoil’s camber and thickness can improve the dynamic performance of the turbine. The S-shaped airfoil was designed, considering influence of various factors. The CFD technology is used to do the numerical simulation for the airfoil’s plane flow and three-dimensional flow of the reversible turbine. The effects of the blade’s camber and thickness on the reversible turbine are analyzed, with the purpose of providing theoretical basis for optimal design of the reversible turbine. The research results show that the efficiency of the reversible turbine is lower than that of the turbine with standard airfoil, but its dynamic performance is completely identical between positive condition and reverse condition. And it can be used for generation during the tide rises or ebbs.

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