In-situ condition monitoring (CM) is a crucial element in protection and predictive maintenance of large rotating Power-Gen equipment such as gas turbines or steam turbines. In this work, selected gas turbine loss events occurring during a recent ten-year period at FM Global clients’ power generation plants were evaluated. For each loss event, a loss scenario or a chain of failures was outlined after investigating the available loss record. These loss events were then categorized based on the nature of the associated loss scenario. The study subsequently focused on the variables that could be monitored in real time to detect the abnormal turbine operating conditions, such as vibration characteristics, temperature, pressure, quality of working fluids and material degradations. These groups of condition monitoring variables were then matched with detectable failures in each loss event and prioritized based on their effectiveness for failure detection and prevention. The detectable loss events and the associated loss value were used in this evaluation process. The study finally concluded with a summary of findings and path-forward actions.

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