Regarding the safety analysis of a cylinder, the normal method is to consider it as a simplified thick-wall cylinder. According to the formulation of stress, safety about the thick-wall cylinder, the risk point and maximum stress, the deformation of a cylinder can be calculated. This method neglects the complex structure of the cylinder (the hole in it and the change of the cross-section area). However, it is necessary to do an accurate safety analysis for a high pressure, limited space cylinder mounted on a truck.

The objective of this paper is to present and illustrate a three dimensional finite element analysis for the safety of the high pressure cylinder and of the truck-mounted compressor. First, the model of finite element analysis is set up; then, the structure is divided into elements; after that, the risk cross-section and maximum stress of the cylinder are obtained. The stress curves about risk cross-section of the cylinder are drawn. Based on the results of the finite element analysis, the safety evaluation of the design is presented and the measurement about improving the safety coefficient of the cylinder are described.

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