This paper presents a robust control algorithm for exponentially stable tracking control of a differentially steered Wheeled Mobile Robot (WMR). The exponential tracking property is guaranteed with kinematic uncertainties, such as wheel slippage and radius errors. The control algorithm has been designed for use in a WMR which is being specifically developed for applications in highway maintenance and construction. For such applications, the uncertainties arise due to the road surface conditions and the high loads encountered (both inertial and tool forces). However, the system under development is equipped with a two dimensional cable extension transducer which has been proven to be a rugged and accurate position measurement system (Hong, et al., 1995), so that the robust control algorithm developed is suitable and ensures good tracking performance. The algorithm is applicable to any differentially steered WMRs provided that accurate position measurement is available. The efficiency of the robust control algorithm is illustrated with numerical simulations.

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