A numerical investigation of laminar and turbulent convective flow and heat transfer for single-phase flow in plate-and-frame heat exchangers is carried out. A unit cell is considered and a finite volume technique is applied for solving the governing equations. Periodic flow and heat transfer fields are assumed. For turbulence modelling the RNG k-ε model is adopted. The grid is created by using a multiblock approach and the unit cell is covered by a three-dimensional array of hexahedral control volumes in a structured body-fitted grid fashion. The Reynolds number range is from 900 to 20 000 while the Prandtl number is set to 4.33 corresponding to water at an average temperature of 40°C. The agreement between the numerical results and available experimental data is decent and encouraging. The details of the flow and temperature fields achieved by the numerical solutions, improved the understanding of the transport processes of heat and momentum.

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