Shock wave treatment of an apple can produce a soft apple similar to a sponge containing water. Therefore, without needing to cut and grate apples, apple juice can be easily obtained by squeezing by hand. In a previous result, it was reported that more than 40MPa shock pressure was needed to make a soft apple. From observation for the shock treatment for the apple, an oblique wave was produced from a detonating fuse and the wave reflected at the surface of the apple. The resulting shock wave data was obtained. In the result of further observations, there was the possibility that the wave passing through the apple was attenuated faster than the wave passing through water. In this report, the same method in the previous research was used. Apples, detonating fuse, and electric detonator were set in water tank, with the fuse initiated by electric detonator. In this research, the behavior of shock wave passing through an apple was researched as exploratory experiment for numerical analysis. In the future, we want to attempt to analyze the fluid-structure interaction between the apple and underwater shock wave by using computer finite element analysis.

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