The ITER vacuum vessel (VV) is a double walled torus structure and one of the most critical components in the fusion reactor. The design and fabrication of the VV as nuclear equipment shall be consisted with the RCC-MR code based on French fast breeder reactor. The VV is a heavy welded structure with 60 mm thick shells, 40 mm ribs and flexible housing of 275 mm diameter. The welding distortion should be controlled since the total welding length is over 1500 m. To satisfy the design requirement, the electron beam welding (EBW) and narrow gap gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) techniques are to be applied and developed through the fabrication of mock-ups. The fabrication design has been developed to manufacture the main vessel and port structures in accordance with the RCC-MR code. All fabrication sequences including welding methods are also established to meet the demanding tolerance and inspection requirement by HHI as a supplier.

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