Impact tests were performed, as part of a corresponding container’s substantiation, during design development of a shielded container. The container will be used for storage, transport, and disposal of intermediate level waste in the UK.

The mechanical test program comprised a 9m free drop test onto an unyielding target in a container long lid edge down orientation at ambient conditions. Further, a 0,5m free drop test onto a punch target was performed. Here, the container was orientated with the lid downwards in a way that the punch, a mild steel bar, impacts a filter lid.

The test specimen was instrumented with strain gauges and accelerometers for the drop tests. Transient strains at selected points of the inner and outer container walls, at the shielding lid, as well as at the lid bolts were measured during the container’s impact. Furthermore, decelerations of the container body, container lid, and the skip were measured. The complex geometrical changes of the container due to impact were determined by optical 3d-deformation measures using the projected fringes method in combination with multi-image photogrammetry.

This paper summarizes the performance of the drop tests and various drop test results in context with the design development as well as aspects regarding the associated Finite Element (FE) analyses and post-test evaluation.

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