The sacrum fractures are very severe trauma which frequently accompanied with lumbar spine fractures. The surgical procedures often require primary stabilization of both lumbar spine and sacrum. To understand the rationale of the instrumentation numerous cadaveric studies were conducted to elucidate the anatomy of fractures and treatment options [1,2,3]. The modern computer technology allowed simulating the fractures and repairing using the Finite Element Analysis, also [4,5]. The last method has a raw of advantages versus cadaveric method such as higher reliability, accuracy, and safety. Finite element investigations of the pelvic fractures allowed comparing the influence of implants on pelvis stability. However, the extensive search of the literature failed to find a finite element model which includes the pelvis and lumbar spine together. Current study is the first step to accomplish this goal. An experimentally validated model of ligamentous lumbar spine was combined with the FE model of pelvis [7], and simulation of the sacrum fractures was conducted.

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