From March 16 to 18, 2016, International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM) Symposium on Mechanics of Stretchable Electronics, hosted by Zhejiang University, was held in Hangzhou, China.

This symposium was chaired by Professor Jizhou Song from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Zhejiang University. Professor Song and his colleague, Professor Weiqiu Chen, were the co-chairmen of the Local Organizing Committee. The Scientific Committee consisted of seven experts in the field of stretchable electronics from China, U.S., Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, and Belgium. Professor Huajian Gao at the Brown University is the IUTAM representative of this symposium.

Sixteen invited speakers including Professor John Rogers from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (U.S.), Professor Ray Baughman from University of Texas at Dallas (U.S.), Professor Yonggang Huang from Northwestern University (U.S.), Professor Xue Feng from Tsinghua University (China), Professor Dae-Hyeong Kim from Seoul National University (South Korea), and Professor Jan Vanfleteren...

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