11R37. A First Course in Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineers. - DD Gray (Dept of Civil and Env Eng, W Virginia Univ, Morgantown WV). Water Resources Publ, Highlands Ranch CO. 2000. 487 pp. ISBN 1-887201-11-4. $65.00.

Reviewed by R Guarga (Univ de la Republica, 18 de Julio 1824, ler.piso, Montevideo, Uruguay).

The book under review is a textbook that, as its author states in the Preface, tries to serve as support to a first-semester introduction to fluid mechanics course for majors in civil engineering and related fields, such as environmental and agricultural engineering.

The contents of the book agree with its aim as introductory material on fluid mechanics for civil engineers. It deals extensively with hydrostatics (three chapters), pipe flow (laminar and turbulent, two chapters), open channel flow (one chapter), and dimensional analysis (physical models and similarity, two chapters). The book has a good subject index, and its figures are...

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