11R3. Trefftz Finite and Boundary Element Method. - Qing-Hua Qin (Dept of Mech and Mechatronic Eng, Univ of Sydney, Sydney, Australia). WIT Press, Southampton, UK. 2000. 282 pp. ISBN 1-85312-855-4. $183.00.

Reviewed by VD Radulescu (Dept of Math, Univ of Craiova, 13, St AI Cuza, Craiova, 1100, Romania).

This textbook provides a good up-to-date account of some modern methods in numerical analysis. The book should be of interest to researchers in finite and boundary element methods and be accessible to graduate students interested in these topics as well.

Chapter 1 is introductory. It surveys, among other things, the finite element technique, various modified variational principles, and the basic concept of Trefftz-complete solution. Many of these ideas are applied in the next chapter for the treatment of several potential problems such as seepage, heat conduction, electrostatics, and many others which can be written as a function of a potential and whose...

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