On this momentous occasion of Y. C. Fung's centennial birthday, I send my very best wishes for his good health and well-being and thank him for being a consummate teacher, a distinguished scholar, a brilliant researcher, a quintessential leader, a visionary role model, and more personally, a revered mentor, a generous colleague, and a loving friend.

We have previously written in great detail on how Fung's writing and teaching has inspired and directly influenced our studies on the biomechanics of ligaments and tendons [1]. Therefore, in response to the invitation by the guest editors, I requested and they consented for me to write in this special issue, a brief history of how Fung brought biomechanics to everyone's attention and transformed our field. Specifically, how he orchestrated the ASME Biomechanics Symposium, which began in 1973, and launched the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering as well in 1977.

In addition, Fung...

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