Modal analysis techniques are used to study the dynamic interactions between a one-dimensional high speed ground transport vehicle model and a guideway consisting of multiple independent spans resting freely on rigid discrete supports. The study includes an evaluation of the effects of variations in the fundamental vehicle and guideway parameters on span maximum dynamic deflections and vehicle heave accelerations. Results of the study indicate that vehicle-guideway dynamic interactions strongly influence both vehicle suspension and guideway span design. For the range of parameters of interest in high speed systems (200–300 mph), guideway span dynamic to static deflection and stress ratios, or impact factors, may approach values of 2.0 for a single vehicle passage, and vehicle heave accelerations may exceed the levels of 0.05g desired for good ride quality unless very strong constraints are placed upon vehicle suspension requirements and guideway stiffness, weight, and span length specifications. System design guidelines are presented in the form of parametric plots in which the values of vehicle and guideway parameters required to limit maximum vehicle heave accelerations and guideway dynamic deflections are specified.

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