The design point performance of combined cycle power plants has been steadily increasing, because of improvements both in the gas turbine technology and in the heat recovery technology, with multiple pressure heat recovery steam generators. The concern remains, however, that combined cycle power plants, like all installations based on gas turbines, have a rapid performance degradation when the load is reduced. In particular, it is well known that the efficiency degradation of a combined cycle is more rapid than that of a classical steam plant. This paper describes a methodology that can be used to evaluate the part-load performances of combined cycle units. Some examples are presented and discussed, covering multiple pressure arrangements, incorporating supplemental firing and possibly reheat. Some emphasis is put on the additional flexibility offered by the use of supplemental firing, in conjunction with schemes comprising more than one gas turbine per steam turbine. The influence of the gas turbine controls, like the use of variable inlet guide vanes in the compressor control, is also discussed.

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