This article discusses a new powerhouse in the rental of portable energy systems to utilities, industrial plants, and special-events producers. It was formed by the recent launch of GE Energy Rentals and its subsequent acquisition of Showpower Inc. in Rancho Dominguez, CA. Although the merger does not directly involve Hollywood movie studios, broadcast or cable television stations, or sports arenas, it will affect all of them because it will provide entertainment companies, as well as utilities and process plants, with electricity generated from portable power plants. Utilities use GE Energy Rental systems to provide temporary power during the seasonal peak energy demand periods and during emergency or scheduled utility shutdowns. Mining operations rent the GE energy systems to generate base-load power and maintain their mines and tunnels in remote locations. GE Energy Rentals is also aiming its products and services toward climate control applications. Both Showpower and GE Energy Rentals manufacture and operate chillers and air conditioning units that are used to cool special events, or to substitute for HVAC systems that fail.

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