It is my great pleasure to introduce the inaugural issue of the Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics, and Prognostics of Engineering Systems (JNDE). The purpose of this journal is to provide a venue for communication, discussion, and dissemination of advanced research related to ideas, opinions, and solutions on a variety of subjects related to nondestructive evaluation (NDE), diagnosis, prognosis, and structural health monitoring (SHM). This journal will address the need for an archival international journal that will cover many aspects of interdisciplinary work in the field of NDE and SHM and report the use of NDE and SHM in a wide range of applications in industry, government sector, and academia with NDE being one of the eight enabling applications around which the Society will focus on resources and strategic development efforts in the coming years.

The goal of this journal is to inform readers with state-of-the art developments in NDE, SHM, diagnosis, and prognosis, disseminate new ideas on these subjects, and report related valuable applications. It is envisioned that the journal will bring under one umbrella engineering and science disciplines contributing to NDE, SHM, diagnosis, and prognosis and feature practical applications of NDE and SHM in many technical fields.

Its scope covers various applications across all engineering systems and processes, fault and damage identification, networked systems, online and offline diagnostic approaches, physics of failure in engineering systems, product quality control, real-time data-processing, data storage and data reduction, sensors and other electronic hardware, system and structural diagnostic in harsh or extreme environments, theoretical developments, analysis, and simulations related to diagnosis and prognosis of structural components, structures, engineering systems, and system of systems.

I am thankful to the NDPD Division Chair Dr. Shiv Joshi and the executive committee member Dr. Andrei Zagrai for presenting the journal proposal to the ASME Technical Committee on Publications and Communications (TCPC) along with me. Dr. Joshi's leadership and Dr. Zagrai and other committee members' tremendous effort in preparing the journal proposal helped us to successfully launch this journal. I thank all Associate Editors and Reviewers for their commitment to the journal and encourage them to expedite the review process as much as possible.

I would also like to thank Dr. Shiv Kapoor, Chair TCPC, and the TCPC for giving me the privilege to serve as the “Founding Editor” of the JNDE. I thank Philip DiVietro, Publishing Managing Director, Mary Grace Stefanchik, Manager, Publications Development, Colin McAteer, Journals Manager, Michael Wadman, Marketing Manager, Beth Darchi, Publishing Administrator, and other ASME Staff for all their help during the process of launching the inaugural issue.

It is rather gratifying to see the inaugural issue of the JNDE; however, it is only the beginning of a long road ahead. During my tenure as the Editor of this journal, I would like to see this journal becoming the journal of choice for the researchers working in this field. Since many of them are mechanical engineers and there is no other ASME journal focusing NDE and SHM, I strongly believe that this journal will soon receive the attention of the research community and become a well-ranked journal.

Once again, I would like to thank you all—readers, authors, reviewers, associate editors, and ASME staff—for this opportunity, and if you have any suggestions, I would like to hear from you.