High-speed craft generally applies hy droplane boat-type and large power engine to obtain high speed in water as results that significant hydrodynamic nonlinearities, high-speed craft has complex the impact load characteristics and structural response which attract considerable attentions of ship mechanics researchers. This paper studies impacting load and structural response of a high-speed craft by means of numerical approach coupling CFD and FEM. A model experiment of high-speed craft is selected to simulate impact load and structural response, the craft model consists of two ship bodies and a keel beam, a number of pressure sensors and strain gauges are arranged to capture the impacting pres s ure and VBM. A numerical FSI approach coupling CFD and FEM is used to study the model experiment of the high-speed craft. CFD is used to solve the hydrodynamics of the high-speed craft, DFBI and overset grid algorithm are employed to simulate the craft motion. Dy namic FEM is us ed to calculate structural response of high-speed craft, structural VBM is obtained. Two-way FSI is employ ed to realize coupling of CFD and FEM, wave pres s ures and structural displacement are iterated to progress. At last, numerical res ults and experimental res ults including impacting pressure, craft motion and VBM are compared and analyzed, they agree with closely. The numerical approach can be used to study the impacting load and structural respons e for high-speed craft.

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